Sorting Scrap Effectively

Many people think that a forklift is the only option for moving things around on the shop floor, but there is a more space-efficient solution to material movement: the straddle stacker!

Being about one-third of the size of a forklift, the straddle stacker is a great option for shops that are tight on space and want safer options for moving smaller amounts of material, scrap and miscellaneous parts. They are easier to maneuver than a forklift due to their stabilizing outriggers. They cost less than a forklift, and due to the smaller amount of moving parts powered by electricity, they are also less expensive to use and maintain. There is also no unique certification needed to use these units, saving you labor costs. Here is an image of our unit at work in our CNC shop.

At Wisconsin Metal Parts we find that our electric-powered straddle stacker works most effectively in our CNC department. With so many machines and so much scrap to manage in limited amounts of space, an agile unit like the straddle stacker works perfectly. For many years we struggled to handle our scrap chips in the limited space, but have now found a solution that has reduced cycle time and risk in handling. But the biggest benefit to us was how the straddle stacker helped us save money by allowing us to sort scrap easier. Check out our video on how it has helped us

We use our mini-hoppers under each of our CNC machine's scrap chutes. When the time comes and they are full, we can easily wheel them out to their respective barrel and ensure our scrap is sorted properly. This process has allowed us to reclaim more value from our scrap metals by keeping them effectively sorted. Keeping expensive metals separate from others has saved us a good sum of money over the years. We manufactured the funnel and mini-hopper units for ourselves, and decided to release them as products so more shops could utilize them and find the same success we did! 

Mini-Hopper dumping CNC Scrap Metal